Natural Spa

If you are looking for a natural, relaxing treat then look no further.

We have chosen only the best from the myriad products available.  These products are made to high quality standards in order to provide the maximum comfort, whilst maintaining great value for money.

Hand crafted soaps, infused with essential oils for the most natural fragrances and health benefits. Bath bombs designed to transform your bathwater into an aromatherapic bliss. And lotions and potions full of natural goodness to soothe, relax, or vitalise.

The Little Shop of Delights is temporarily closed. A fire at the warehouse has taken out the HQ and all orders have been cancelled. All,ongoing orders have been fully refunded. At the moment we have no idea which of the lines we carry are affected so all shopping functionality has been suspended. As our supplier has other warehouses in Europe, we hope to be back up and running as soon as possible.