About The Little Shop of Delights

About The Little Shop of Delights

The Little Shop of Delights sell Natural Gifts and delightful luxuries sourced from cottage industries around the world. Our products are hand-made using traditional methods and materials. We sell natural soaps, infused with essential oils; we sell hand-crafted wall hangings and carved wooden boxes. We sell natural incenses and oil burners, and everything we sell is natural, environmentally sound and very reasonably priced.

We believe that people can live in harmony with nature and that Nature can give us everything we need. To indulge in a little luxury, or find that perfect gift, it isn’t necessary to pollute our world, or take unfair advantage of people or animals.

We take our duty to the planet very seriously and only source products from suppliers who share our concerns over the environment, unfair labour and cruel practices. Indeed, we only choose suppliers who can assure us of their commitment to being environmentally clean, to using only sustainable materials, which are natural and cruelty-free.

Nothing we sell has been tested on animals.

When you buy from The Little Shop Of Delights, you can be assured that you are buying good quality, environmentally sustainable products that have caused no distress to anyone or anything.

Whether you buy for yourself or someone else, you can be assured it will be delightful, on so many levels.

See some notes about our Suppliers, read our Terms and Conditions, or go shopping…